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Indigenous Cultural Tourism

Help us help you find those authentic Indigenous tourism experiences that await you & your family!

Are you looking to find an authentic Indigenous cultural tourism experience?

Do you want to know more about building Indigenous Cultural Tourism projects?
We have the team that can guide you on this journey and help to establish those opportunities you seek!

Our team will be more than happy to share our vast list of contacts in the tourism industry across Canada. 

Indigenous Cross
Cultural Training

Do you often feel like you are not sure how to approach Indigenous people, businesses and/or leadership? 

Are you wanting to find new ways to better learn traditional protocols and adaptive processes as it relates to your approach?

We can help.  Learn the proper protocols and the do's & don'ts of Indigenous people.

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Industry & Gov't

Do you need help with navigating the waters around the process of  reaching out to the Indigenous organizations and leadership in the Atlantic Region? 

Are you trying to expand on opportunities for new partnerships or initiatives aimed at Indigenous owned business in the Atlantic Region?


Let us guide your way to our network of business owners from across the Atlantic Region.

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