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Engagement Support Services


Indigenous Guide Engagement Services is 100% Indigenous owned engagement focused business that works to create paths towards understanding of the Indigenous people.  We will lead you through a journey that will identify and promote our history, our ways of life, our cultural beliefs, our traditional protocols as well as to identify opportunities that may exist in many different sectors. 


We strongly believe in the "Two Eyed Seeing" Approach that allows for a process that respects a mutual approach to creating better understanding.  We understand that many do not know or understand this approach so we have created this LINK for you to review.  


One of our first and foremost goals is to create mutual understanding that we believe will lead to mutual beneficial opportunities through business development, cultural enhancement, environmental protection as well as supports for artists & crafters and more.


Through our vast network of respected subject matter experts we will work with you to offer ways to build a better historical understanding of the Mi'kmaw people through our beautiful songs, dances and traditional stories.

As we grow we will be adding a number of individuals that will help our company to offer a full suite of services that the Indigenous Guide will help to reach our initial business goals.  These will be available very soon on the "Our Team" tab once all of our profiles have been loaded up for your review.  Please inquire for further information on any one of these topic areas.

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Indigenous Cross Cultural
Training Services


Indigenous Cross Cultural Training has been and continues to be a key process that has been a missed opportunity for many individuals, organizations, industry and government representatives for too long.  Cultural Safety is about finding that path to better understanding Indigenous people across Canada and the world. 


It is about understanding the true value and positive impacts of traditional knowledge.  It is about creating the opportunity to see through the Indigenous lens and being able to understand the challenges and opportunities found here while also seeing from the Western view. 

The traditional connection to the land, the waters, the animals, the birds and all species and how we base our teachings and cultural protocols around these are essential to the Indigenous people of this land. The basis of our people's relations surround these teachings.

We also provide options on this training to you and your business/organization and staff in terms of a team approach, support services to your committee & one to one.

Indigenous Cultural Tourism Development Services


Robert Bernard has been involved in cultural tourism since he was a little child.  Sitting beside his father while he created beautiful art pieces made of stone, wood and other materials he saw the process unfold in front of him. 


The creation of art and the connection to the culture and the appreciation of this beauty from so many visitors peaked his interest even from a young age. 


Many years later Mr. Bernard has been involved with the promotion of culture and tourism from a community level to an international level with specific work done at the community levels to a national organization, the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada. 


It is this journey that has opened many doors to creating multiple opportunities for development, sustainability and the creation of cultural authenticity based opportunities.

We will work with you and your team to get the very best package to support any of the projects you need help with!

Industry & Gov't Relations & Project Support Services


Many industries have made the mistake to overlook the importance of working with Indigenous peoples connected to the lands that they intend to occupy, work and develop projects on and in many cases have already started projects/work without proper notification or protocols for inclusion and support.

We have significant history in helping to guide your way to ensuring that your business, organization or industry based company doesn't miss any of these very important steps.  We will build a team that will be specific to your needs.  We have a roster of subject matter experts that we will bring together to ensure your success.

We want to work with you and our First Nation communities to build meaningful and inclusive opportunities but more importantly to find ways to have an Indigenous voice guiding these processes.  Together we can build a
better future for all involved.

The very first step is to plan together and get a better understanding of how we can create these steps together!

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