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The following video links will help to provide a little overview on some of the type of work that we do as a business.  We may not be involved specifically in these video links and projects but this will show an idea of the type of work that we do and what we can provide for you.  Please inquire for more info...

Indigenous People of Canada - Welcome to our Homelands

How can you best try to understand the Indigenous perspective without having had the lived experiences?  This is a very common question that we hear many times in the work we do.  Our answer to that is to learn how to listen very carefully, learn how to be open to embracing some difficult learning lessons on the true history of the Indigenous people of this land.  Some of this information and history will be difficult to believe, some of it will be hurtful, but we all need to know and deserve to know the truth.  

We will share these truths and histories in a respectful and educational manner through an approach that is safe and meant for you to learn, to understand, to create informative and transformational change within you.  You need to feel and hear the stories, you need to hear the songs, feel the drum, taste the traditional foods we will want to share with you.  You will have questions and we will be there to answer them as fully as we possibly can.  You may also experience difficulty in learning this new information, but we will be there to support you, to encourage you to learn more because you need to.  We will encourage you to be a vessel for positive change and to carry these teachings from our Elders and Knowledge Sharers so that you too can be a part of the solution as we step forward into what we hope will be a newer, brighter future for all.

In the following video, you will learn some very broad spectrums of information shared through a recent project in British Columbia aimed at educating people from International countries visiting Canada.  The interesting thing is that many Canadians don't know this information as well.  This is one of the key injustices Canadians have been facing for so long and that is Canada's education system has prevented the sharing of the histories of Indigenous people in mainstream schools for hundreds of years.  A multi-generational misunderstanding of who Indigenous people are on their own homelands is part of the issues we face today and the underlying reason for the clear importance of cross cultural awareness training for all organizations, industry companies, corporate sectors and government departments.  This process has now started but there is so much work to be done and it will take many years and many tears before we get to a point of mutual understanding and respect, but we must walk this path so that we can both learn more about each other so that the next 7 generations of children will know the difference.

View the following information in Video Format:   Welcome to our Homelands - YouTube

Two Eyed Seeing Approach - "Etuaptmumk"

In a world that needs to better understand traditional knowledge as it relates to the perspectives from the First People of this land and their connection to the environment, we share the true and authentic stories that provide those significant connections.  For thousands of years, the Indigenous people have been the original stewards of this vast land and the continuing role they play in the protection of the environment identifies many opportunities to utilize existing yet underutilized knowledge.  As guiding and supportive pillars in the work many organizations, industry and governments are doing, we see "Two Eyed Seeing" as a valuable tool to help offer the opportunity to embrace "Integrative Approaches" between Indigenous Knowledge systems & the Western Sciences approach.

The best way to answer to explain this to you is to read about this in this short text link to a descriptive outline provided for you and/or to view the other link to the attached video, both available for your review below;

Read the following information in Text Format:    Guiding Principles (Two Eyed Seeing) | Integrative Science

View the following information in Video Format:   Albert Marshall - Two-Eyed Seeing - YouTube

Indigenous Cultural Tourism - "We Have A Story To Tell"

The power of Indigenous cultural tourism is growing around the world and especially here in Canada where we are seeing statistical data changing by the year.  More people and travelers from around the world want to experience the authentic and in person exchanges from Indigenous people.  From the beautiful arts, high end crafts, traditional stories shared, the beautiful songs and dances, the tasty traditional foods and much more have all become the key offerings that Indigenous tourism operators and Indigenous business owners are now offering.

The following video was brought together by the national organization for Indigenous tourism back in 2016 and it shows the "Power of Aboriginal Tourism" and set the pathway to many other powerful stories that our people share with so many people that are willing to listen, willing to experience and willing to take back home to share to their families, their friends, their communities - all to help in telling the true stories of our people...

View the following information in Video Format:   The Power of Aboriginal Tourism - YouTube

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